Meeting Minutes – Mar 27, 2013

Voices is set for November 2nd at GFAC, artist and writer teams should get to work

Justin has CA t-shirts for sale

April 1st CA is accepting submissions for YES, Young, Emerging, Shining a high school student or person of 18 years of age or younger will win a $200 to $250 gift card to buy art supplies or music equipment to further there creative study.

Financial Report – $106 petty cash and $3,956.52 in bank

Ca needs to work on new events
CA cards and membership packets need to be updated
Ken from Good Beans needs to be paid for last three months
- Nic proposed we offer Ken $600 to cover some of the expenses
- vote approved

Nic and Jennie are going to Grand Rapids to interview Jon Sinclair at the Creole pig Festival
-  If anyone has any questions for Jon Sinclair or wants their copy of guitar army signed, email Nic Custer or Jennie Moench

Churchills, April 6th, Open Mic Nite from 9 – 10:30pm
April 13th,  Flint Comix at the Masonic Temple
Nic’s having an Open Mic Nite April 19th at Buckham Gallery from 7 – 9pm, MOCAF Event, there will be free coffee.

Check out this month’s podcast:
Jenna Noelle
Dan Monahan
Gypsy Jack House
Buckham Alley Fest in July.

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Meeting minutes for 7-25-12

- Not present to report

- Reported updates to Gene Simmy (yes I am aware I spelled this wrong) fund
- Community Now! meeting for 7-26-12 was cancelled, will possibly change the dates of upcoming meetings
- Creative Crew – Met with Ruth Mott Foundation regarding the denial of our grant proposal and was told RMF has concerns about CA’s growth and sustainability.  Will possibly submit a revised grant in December 2012 with help from Program Officer and will plan future fundraisers specifically to support CC.

- Nothing new to report
- Continuing work on “Community Garden”

Old Business
- Voices book will be submitted in early August and books will have special prices for CA members.  The book will also be advertised in Broadside.

New Business
- Need to revise membership brochure and consider pricing.
- CA voted to donate a shirt, pin, frisbee, sticker, and tote to Kids Need Art for a silent auction to fund the program.


- Gary Flynn has an article in this issue of Broadside and participated in the SoberFest on July 15th and sold a book.
- Jennie Moench has spoken with Paul Herring to have Flint Underground videos broadcast weekly on Comcast access channel.
- August 11th is the Drop Fest in Flint.
- August 11th Flee Flicker will be at Colonial Lanes in Flushing
- August 27th-28th Elms Gallery with host an “After Dark” party at 6pm both days

Creative Alliance Membership Director - Open to public, No Facebook account necessary

CA Members’ Work at Applewood Tomorrow!

Tomorrow Night!!!

Creative Alliance members Terry McKinnzie’s and Paul Everett’s community art Dragonfly Sculptures join other artists at Applwood’s Annual Firefly Walk from 5pm-8pm at 1400 E. Kearsley Street in Flint.

Check out the attached flyer and Applewood’s FB page for more info!!!

Creative Alliance Membership Director - Open to public, No Facebook account necessary

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Meeting Minutes 6-27

Attendance – Lac Luster, Stephanie Hackney, Terry Kinzie, Shawn Sinclair, Jennie Moench, Justin Faber, Pauly Everett, Brian Hackney, Aisha Harris, Scott Harmon, Corey Planck

Creative Crew

- Denied for Ruth Mott grant. No funding this year.
- Buckham Alley Fest: July 14th, Plan to volunteer this year, can split tips and get membership
- Stephanie will come back next week with costs

Fundraising Events

- Dinner at Churchills, need to call out to artists, maybe have a dinner and a show/movie, request donations for different sponsorship levels
- Art contest in November
- Start having CA as a group enter into statewide art contest, ex. Art Prize in Grand Rapids in August
Membership Director Position
- Pending electees: Gary and Stephanie
Voices – in progress


- Website: donation option for money and merchandise, possibly link between paypal and bank account (Scott and Jessica)
- Shirts: Make new ones, develop ideas and agree, put old flyers on shirts, print on vintage shirts (Scott)
- Buckham Alley Fest: Have new shirts for fest, current shirts at GFAC, art workshop (Stephanie) and merch project (Terry)
- Podcast: email Joel to let him know when CA will be there, have a set schedule and better communication
- Community Now: current facebook fundraiser for peace garden, idea to sell art and have some of the profit go to CA, next meeting is  July 12th
- BTE: sponsorship through trade, have CA open a nonprofit account (no charge), Jennie will get more details since CA is a nonprofit, will need to track statements\
- Need to work more as a team/group, don’t agree to an event unless there is atleast 3 people willing to put in time, have a head person and delegate accordingly


- 6/29 at Churchills: Mistaken for Satellites
- 6/30 at Churchills: Dragon Wagon and Driftwood (NY)
- 7/6 at Churchills: Covert
- 7/13 at Churchills: October Babies and Arlow Xan
- 7/13 ARTWALK
- 7/28 at Machine Shop: Kids Need Art Fundraiser, need volunteers, contact Stephanie Hackney (, Brian Hackney, or Julie Moore

Creative Alliance Membership Director - Open to public, No Facebook account necessary
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CA Meeting Minutes 6-13-2012

** Check out the announcements! **

Attendance: Gary F, Jennie M, Justin F, Scott H, Stephanie H, Brian H, Aisha H
- $8039.91 in bank
- $20 petty cash
- $300 for Creative Crew supplies
- $300 for Applewood event artist
- Idea to develop a CA invoice for recording transactions
- Use Local as the working address?
Creative Crew
- Applewood Summer Fest
- TODAY 3p – 8p
- Pauly Everett will be doing community dragon fly pieces as a agent of CA
Community Now
- Weekly meetings on Thursdays
- Next meeting on June 14 th at 7pm at Local 432
- Have most of the artist materials and pieces
- Tabloid option still with sponsors to cover cost
- Thought of having a book of all the volumes of voices
- Printing from Grand Blanc Printing or form Flint Comics printer
CA Show (podcast)
- The Herd will be the music feature
- Need to get Ca on the flyer, contact GFAC Kathy Johnson
- Creative Crew at Applewood Summer Fest TODAY 3p-8p
- June 30th Traverse City trip to Wine and Art event @ Gallery 30
- Navigation Pull at Buckham during June
- June 23rd 3p – 2a @ Aloha Lounge is OFF the Wall Fest with Elms gallery artist and multiple bands
- Churchills
 - June 15th – Glass Lung and Mothra
 - June 22nd – Maria Rose and the Swiss Kicks
 - June 30th – Aloha Dragon Wagon (Ann Arbor) and Drift Wood (New York)
- Local starting a summer music series with Channel 25 every other Thursday
- Contact Jennie if you are an artist interested in being featured in the Snack Shop at the old Mike’s Deli location, full percentage to artist if pieces sell

Creative Alliance Membership Director

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Creative Alliance Meeting Minutes 5-30-2012

Creative Alliance Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Stephanie, Aisha, Nic, Jennie, Scott, Gary
- $8039.91 in bank
- $245 petty cash
- update once a month
- will put up May Flowers video soon
-1st show in Local
- Show is free to record now
Community Now
- Biweekly meetings
- Next meeting on June 7th at 7pm at Local 432
** Big news coming down the pipeline so attend if you can!!
Grant Money
- Going with Joe Rash to price supplies for Local
Creative Crew
- Denied Shart Art Grant
- Art Workshop during Applewood event on 6/14 from 3-8p
— Need volunteers
**Need artists to paint and mosaic dragonfly fiber glass statues at Applewood. Will be paid $50/hr and will get reimbursed for supplies. Need to contact Stephanie today or tomorrow at!! There are 3 dragonflies so there is a max of 3 artist and one dragonfly must be mosiac.
- June 8th
- Flyers are out now. Ask Corey for them.
- Need to get decorations for event. Maybe from a party store. Want to have a sculpture of some sort.
Voices (Tabloid)
- Would be a free paper.
- Can print 5000 pages for $545. Want to get sponsors to support paper and design.
- Thinking of having an ebook option for Voices (aka pdf on wedsite)
Membership Director Nominations
- Gary, Stephanie, Ryan Bell?
- Support Your Local Poet at Churchills on 6/9 from 9-10p. Potential special acoustic guitarist guest.
- Community Now meeting on 6/7 at 7p at Local 432
- Gary – WCMU Destination Michigan was taped at FIA. Gary will post on youtube, facebook, FDIA, and postively Flint. Gary’s book is on sale at the FIA.
- Creative Crew is looking for more instructors
- Kids Need Art donations can be made at where is advertised. Also another school added (Scott Elementary) so the student number will increase to over 700.
- Swartz Creek Carnival is this weekend
- One more vendor is needed for June Art Walk at Pages
- Juneboree is June 8th from 6p to 2a

Creative Alliance Membership Director - Open to public, No Facebook account necessary
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CA Meeting Minutes 4.4.12

CA Meeting Minutes 4.4.12
Attendance – Justin Faber, Jennie Moench, Gary Flinn,Stephanie Hackney, Brian Hackney, Scott Harmon, Aisha Harris, Corey Plank, Drew Nelson, Terry Kinzie
- City Arts Gallery Project: Two letters to Tim (Carriage Town District) and Phillip (Garden) about installing wood panels art pieces. Members approved the purchase of clear protective coating.
-Eco Graffiti Project: Desiree (Buckhan) and Nic met with Greater Beecher Business Association, Beecher Development Council, and did a could presentations in an Art class about the project. So progress is being made.
-Community Now – looking at locations, meeting in future
- Bank amount: $7888.06 but temporary will be $3500 soon
- Petty cash: $220
- Cool City Art Auction – last year spent $450 this year spent $487 but drank less wine, made $1157 last year will make less in the end this year\
- money out is more than money in so need to fundraiser
Creative Crew
- officially submitted, now we wait
- 5000 flyers printed (need artists to help pass out flyers)
- Flyers: street team, businesses, events
- planning details
- food suggestions (pizza? subway? downtown restaurant? potluck?), need list of food and ingredients, wine? (need to check with GFAC)
- book printed in May/June, Randy is contact
- Please respond to this email if you are participating so we will have a better list
- Tshirts for event? can order a week before
- June 8th, Freak show theme, at Churchills
Flint Road Show
- April 19th in Detroit at Hiedelberg Projecct
- Sculpture from Todd Nicola
- Want to video tape street poetry
- Social event at Scarab Club at 6p
Cool City Art Auction
- 3 people still owe money, can pick up art at GFAC
Share Art Flint
- Grants for $5000, Deadline April 16th, 1 page with concise statement
- For community project, engaging an issue, teaching people, local culture/history
Y.E.S Grant
- released info on Facebook with criteria
- due 4.20.12
Flint Schools
- summer “art walk” event, community outreach, donations for school, letter to Linda Thompson the Superintendent (prefer in person, 3 events and 3 schools), will apply to Share Art, need money for supplies and promotion
New Business
- etsy: can list things for 90 days, use to promote art, just need artist info
- Gary Flinn- Broadside meeting on 4.18.12 at Churchills.
Also new photos on Facebook of Drive in Theatre that will be closing
- Support your local poet – 4.14.12 @ Churchills, an open mic, 9-10p, Free
- Elms Gallery Gala Event – 4.14.12 from 7p-12a, music, art, poetry, auction
- Pure Flavor at Churchills – 4.6.12, Detroit band  FRIDAY
- Psycho Killers Ball at Churchills – 4.13.12, can dress in costume for a prize
- Flint Comicon – 4.14
- Intuitive Expressions art show in Lapeer at Gallery 194 on 4.7 from 3-8p  SATURDAY

Creative Alliance Membership Director - Open to public, No Facebook account necessary


The Greater Flint Creative Alliance presents
8th annual spoken word and visual arts celebration-

May 5th, 2012

Noon to 7 p.m.

@ Greater Flint Arts Council
816 South Saginaw Street

Gallery show and spoken word open mic
hosted by Lac Luster and Ethereal

Show starts at:

Voices is a continuing effort to promote collaboration between writers and artists.
The event aims to promote relationships between diverse groups in the artistic community.

For more information, visit

Hanging: Friday, May 4: 3 p.m.

Takedown: Saturday, May 5: 7-7:30 p.m.